Club Rush madness ensues


Nick Porras, 19, engineering major tries to rally people to join the ECC Tabletop Gaming club on Monday Feb. 1 during Club Rush. Photo credit: Glenn Palmer

The Library Lawn was populated with various clubs promoting themselves to gain new members for the spring 2016 semester as Club Rush concluded on Wednesday.

Clubs offered treats and prizes as an incentive to listen to information and be encouraged to join.

The Scene 1 Film Club offered Red Vines for signing up to be involved in their film making and critiquing club.

“We make films, and we watch films, like short films,” club president Henry Tran, 19, kinesiology major, said. “We build off of each other’s work. We give prompts out every three or four weeks (to shoot) and then we watch them together and discuss them. They (filmmaker) sit up front, and we can ask questions or criticize.”

The Astronomy and Astrophysics club gave out less edible, but equally unique items like solar eclipse sunglasses.

“We’re giving out these solar eclipse shades to directly look at the sun, to see it closest to its true color,” club president Vanessa Alarcon, 22, astrophysics major, said.

The club’s goal is to give everybody “exposure” to astronomy news and to let everyone know that it’s “interesting” by discussing it at meetings, Alarcon added.

“We like to get people out there for observing,” Alarcon said. “We’ll take trips up to PV (Palos Verdes) with the telescope and check it out. With the planets aligning right now, it’s perfect, we’ll probably stay out all night.”

The Psychology Club, which gained over 100 signatures discusses “anything and everything” to do with psychology, member Bradley Haugen 22, psychology major said.

“We actually have a professor coming here to talk about serial killers,” Haugen said.

In addition, the Psychology Club tries to take field trips as often as they can, including trips to the Museum of Death which is focused on serial killers.

The Science Club tried to draw students in by promoting their annual spring camping trip.

“We will be taking a camping trip to Arizona and Utah this semester to visit national state parks, which include Zion and Bryce Canyon,” Rider Thomas, 24, history major said. “It’s a total of five days and it’s only $30­-50 to go.”

The Alpha Sigma Gamma Club was calling to all GPA incentive driven students by offering scholarship and volunteer opportunities.

“Permanent members will receive a notation on their transcripts and a gold seal on their diploma,” Vanessa Esquerra, 19, biology major and secretary of ASG said. “In addition when they graduate they get to sit near the front,” Esquerra added.

In order to become a permanent member, within one semester, a student must have a 3.5 GPA or they can become a permanent member in two semesters with a 3.25 GPA, Esquerra said.

For more information about all of the clubs on campus, visit the Student Development Office in the Activities Center.

Update: The Astronomy and Physics Club has been changed to Astronomy and Astrophysics Club.