Preliminary hearing set for former student accused of performing sexual acts with minors

The preliminary hearing for the former El Camino student, who allegedly performed sexual acts with minors, has been set for the morning of Feb. 9 after today’s court hearing.

Jane Maria Nicholson, accused former student, was arrested on Dec. 1, 2015 for allegedly performing sexual acts with minors.

As the hearing was about to begin, Judge Thomas R. Sokolov called for the defendant to be brought in but referred to Nicholson as “Mr. Nicholson.”

After that, defense attorney Jacqueline Green turned her attention away from the district attorney to correct the judge and make it clear that the defendant prefers to be identified as “Ms. Nicholson” even though she was booked as male.

Sokolov apologized and corrected himself before asking the bailiff to bring Nicholson in.

Green asked for the preliminary hearing to be set for Feb. 9 which will last nearly two hours.

After Sokolov approved of the schedule, he made it clear to Green that there will be no more rescheduled hearings for Nicholson following the Feb. 9 court date.

Nicholson’s mother, Beth Schickel Nicholson did not feel “comfortable” commenting on this story.