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ASO approves funds for Finals Madness

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The Associated Students Organization (ASO) approved $600, on Thursday, for the Finals Madness event taking place on campus.

It was originally set to be $400 but the members of ASO felt that is was not enough money for the event.

“Finals madness is one of our biggest events,” Director of Human Resources Anjeannette Aguilar said. “Students can expect tutors, Scantons, blue books, snacks, coffee and a fun learning environment.”

This event will take place in the East Lounge of the Activities Center and go on from Dec. 7-10. from 9 p.m. to midnight each day.

ASO did not vote on their constitutional amendment to change the amount of units required to be a member, pushing this vote to take place next semester.

“It’s only making the vice-president’s requirements the same as the president’s,” Vishu Gupta, ASO president said.

The Dec. 3 ASO meeting was the last one of the fall semester. ASO meetings will restart in spring.

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ASO approves funds for Finals Madness