Students reveal their favorite places to study

The fall semester is coming to an end which means that finals week is right around the corner. The mad dash to finish final projects and pass a class final is underway.

Because every college student is different, they each have their own unique ways to help them study. Each hoping that their method helps them grasp the proper information in order to pass their classes.

For instance, Henry Tran, 19, kinesiology major said that his favorite place to study is next to a pool.

“I enjoy studying by any swimming pool because of the smell of chlorine,” Tran said. “Since I’m a life guard in Torrance, after work I hit the books. Acoustic music and being next to a pool is the perfect combination.”

For other students they see their phone as a potential distraction.

Uriel Cordova, 18, undecided major said that before he starts a study session he puts his phone away.

“Sometimes you study so much that you get frustrated with yourself and you pull out your phone,” Cordova said. “One hour later you’re still scrolling down on Instagram. I don’t like studying at home because I get hungry all the time.”

In addition Cordova said he doesn’t like to study at home because he can get hungry and that food stops him from actually focusing on his work.

On the other hand, some students prefer studying at home because it’s quiet.

“My room is the best because it’s quiet and in my house that’s the only place where no one bothers me,” Annaisa Morales, 19, criminal justice major said. “Music is always turned off, I can’t concentrate with it on.”

Another student who strives in a quiet environment is Elizabeth Miranda, 23, animal science major.

“When it’s time for finals, there is absolutely no music playing,” Miranda said. “I usually study in my room or the dining room because I can lay out all of my notes. I like to be organized, it helps me get better grades.”

For others it’s places like Starbucks and Barnes and Noble that does the trick because students like Angelica Acepcion, 18, biology major can get a drink and free Wi-Fi.

“At Starbucks or Barnes and Noble is my favorite place to study because the environment is great,” Acepcion said. “Everyone there is doing work like you. It gives me confidence.”