Financial aid disbursed early for the first time in years


The early disbursement of financial aid, plans to provide staff with new computers and the introduction of the new Student Development Director were the highlights at the Academic Senate meeting on Tuesday.

For the first time in years, financial aid has been disbursed early. A total of $5 million was disbursed to El Camino and $1 million to the EC Compton Center.

Pete Marcoux, vice president of academic technology, said that they are working on getting new faculty laptops. Faculty members will be able to test out tablets and have the choice between a new tablet or laptop.

The new Student Development Director, Greg Toya, introduced himself to the senate and presented his future plans.

Toya plans to set up a behavioral intervention team to promote safety and work with classroom management. He will also be managing clubs and working with the process of disciplining students throughout this fall semester.

The next Academic Senate meeting will be Sept. 15 in the Distance Education Center in Room 166.