Students vote to elect new members for organization

Every spring semester, students are able to vote for which members they want to be in the student organization cabinet for the following fall and spring semesters.

The Associated Student Organization is focused on representing students on various campus committees as well as the board of trustees. The organization also represents El Camino students at campus wide committees and also state and nationwide conferences, Breanna von Stein, ASO adviser and Student Services Specialist, said.

Click here for information on joining the ASO or the schedule of meetings.

The elections saw a decline in voting from students this year, dropping from 226 ballots issued in April 2014 to just 166 ballots issued in April of this year, von Stein said in an email.

This semester, there were three candidates for the Associated Students President, and the winner was Vishu Gupta, von Stein said.

In addition, both Stephanie Pedrahita and Eman Dalili were elected for Vice President and Student Trustee, both running unopposed in their categories.

Here is a full list of the winners and their positions:

  • Vishu Gupta – ASO President
  • Stephanie Pedrahita – ASO Vice President
  • Eman Dalili – Student Trustee
  • Briana Thomas – Director of Academic Affairs
  • Muhammad Ans – Director of Student and Community Advancement
  • Randi Simonette – Director of Public Relations
  • Annette Flores Linares – Director of External Affairs
  • Anjeanette Aguilar – Director of Human Resources

The only position still left vacant is the Director of Finance, and no news has been released as to who is being looked at or when it will be filled.

More information can be found on the EC website ASO page, or by contacting Student Services Specialist Breanna von Stein.