Bystander Awareness seminar hopes to teach students


EC Police Officer Jan Caldwell presents a powerpoint about Bystander Awareness in the Social Justice Center on Friday Feb. 26. Caldwell presented tips on sexual assault prevention and how college students can protect themselves. Photo credit: Armando Zelaya

El Camino held a meeting for Bystander Awareness at the Social Justice Center on Feb. 26.

The seminar discussed the importance of being aware of the possibility of assaults in public places and what to do and what not to do.

The event was presented by El Camino Police Officer Jan Caldwell, who gave a powerpoint for those attending to get a better understanding the legal definitions of topics such as sexual assault and consent.

Caldwell opened the presentation by offering hypothetical questions based on real events, such as a woman getting too drunk at a party and going upstairs with a guy. The audience was then asked to answer how they would approach the situation, opening it up for a bit of discussion.

During her presentation, Caldwell gave a lot of tips for intervening when seeing a dangerous situation, as well as tips for dating to avoid dangerous situations.

One of her main points for awareness was that “Alcohol is not your friend,” Caldwell said. To get her point across that alcohol can lead to dangerous situations, such as date rape, she repeated it multiple times throughout the presentation.

Near the end of the presentation, they presented a trailer for the upcoming documentary “The Hunting Ground,” which is about sexual assaults on college campuses, which will be playing at the Landmark this weekend.

The Social Justice Center will be holding their Third Annual Social Justice Fair on March 26, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The fair will feature over thirty organizations that are involved in helping to collect donations for homeless teens through an organization known as My Friend’s Place that has been providing for over 25 years and provide other resources for students on campus.