Final football game at Murdock Stadium

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In preparation for a last football game before renovation, Murdock Stadium celebrates with Murdock Madness Saturday, Nov. 3, according to a press release October 19.

“It’s going to be different,” Royshaun Lewis, 20, defensive back, said. “It also feels good. I can leave EC knowing I played in one of the greatest college stadiums in the nation.”

The historic Murdock Stadium will be torn down to make way for phase two of the Kinesiology and Fitness Complex project, scheduled to be open the summer of 2014, according to the press release. The $37.2 million project includes the reconstruction of a new stadium that contains a field for both football and soccer, as well as a running track. The renovation of the field will definitely benefit the athletic program. “The field is in rough shape” Rafael Guerro, sports information associate said. “The field slants on the edges. I’m surprised there hasn’t been any injuries. It is in need of a face lift.”

The idea of Murdock Madness, in light of commemorating the stadium was Tony Barbone’s,” Guerro said. It was “his brain child.”

“This isn’t your stereotypical tailgate,” Tony Barbone, athletic director said. “We wanted to create something that’s respectful and enjoyable.”

According to the press release, “Murdock Stadium first opened in November 24, 1949 for the Warriors homecoming game against East Los Angeles College.”

Having only worked four years at EC, Barbone hasn’t experienced the historic events of Murdock Stadium, but he has thoroughly enjoyed hearing his coworker share their experiences with him.

According to the press release, Murdock Stadium has had its share of individual athletic accomplishments. “Former Warriors quarterback and current University of Washington football head coach Steve Sarkisian racked up 645 passing yards in 1994, still a record for a single game.”

Murdock Madness isn’t about just celebrating the last football to be played on the field. “TThe game is just part of the event,” said Barbone. “It permeates the enthusiasm and affection that people have for the stadium.”

Murdock Stadium has not only hosted football and soccer games but it has also been used as a filming site for movies such as “The Longest Yard,” starring Adam Sandler.

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