Classified staff gets awarded at ceremony

Different years of service by El Camino faculty and staff were recognized at the Classified Service Awards that took place Nov. 17 in the East Lounge of the Student Activities Center.

The sports-themed awards ceremony started at two p.m. and began with refreshments and sporting contests.  Later, Rocky Bonura kicked off the ceremony by introducing the 24 new employees or “rookie squad” to the existing faculty and staff.

After the new employees were introduced, the faculty and staff who have provided their services to EC for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 35 years were recognized and awarded for their hard work.

The Classified Service Award recipients were presented a certificate and a small sports themed gift basket by President Tom Fallo.

The festivities were very lively and cheerful.  A huge number of the faculty and staff attended the Classified Service Awards to support their fellow co-workers and award recipients.

Mayra Thrush was awarded for 5 years of service at EC while working in the Special Resource Center.

“I love it. This job makes it all worth while,” Thrush said.

Carol Kubota, who works for Human Resources at El Camino College still enjoys working at here at EC, even after 25 years of service.

“I never thought I would be here this long, but I still love it,” Kubota said.

Benny Cedano, who works in the Health Sciences and Athletics departments says he is, “very grateful,” for having also worked at EC for 25 years.

There were two winners at the Classified Service Awards ceremony who both worked at EC for 35 years.  One of them  was Rebecca Wilson, who works in  Learning Resources; she gave credit and thanked the students of EC for bringing her back every year for work.

“I come back to EC because no day is ever the same working with the students that come here,” Wilson said.