Restrooms get overwhelmed with students during first week of classes


Viridiana Vaca-Rios

First day of classes creates long lines to use the restrooms as well as no toilet paper and garbage littered in each stall and around an overflowing trash can.

“There OK, but the toilet paper was empty and (no seat covers),” Valerie Sherrett, 20, undecided major, said.

This is only one of the many problems students face during the first week of classes.

“With a population of that size, the restrooms will get a little clatter because people, don’t like to touch things, so we understand that,” Lester Green, utility worker, said.

The most popular restrooms on campus are the Administration Building, library and Humanities Building.

“All public restrooms are open to students and are cleaned in the early morning, mid-shift and graveyard,” Green said.

The restrooms are cleaned every day on campus.

“On average it  takes about 15 minutes to clean a restroom and we have a lot of them,” Green said.

Supplies are bought daily in order for the restrooms to be properly maintained.

“We try to keep up with cleaning supplies, solutions that we have, we have a stuff called all-purpose, it kills 99.9 percent of bacteria of gems in the restrooms and we try to keep all the graffiti off the wall, so it can be presented for students, staff and guests on campus,” Green said.

Students can help with restrooms problems by letting utility workers know.

“We want them to let us know, because like I said there are a lot of restrooms on campus and, if they (don’t) see any paper supplies, trash can  overflow or even, if the restroom need to be attended to, we welcome student’s to let us know,” Green said.