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Twins make a splash on men’s water polo team

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Complimentary counterparts driven by competition and passion aren’t growing on trees for everyone to grab.

But they are swimming in El Camino’s pool during water polo practice.

As soon as they walk into a game or a tournament, Levi and Nate Griffith demand the attention of other teams, Noah Rubke, EC assistant coach said.

“Those two add a significant firepower,” said EC head coach Corey Stanbury.

With both standing at 6 feet 3 inches and weighing in at 220 pounds, Levi and Nathanael’s (Nate) character imposes equally as much as it embraces.

“They add to the fun we have, (the seriousness), and the competitiveness,” Sam Waters, freshman forward, said. “They like to stick up for their team; if anyone gives you trouble they’re going to stand up for you because they both have grown up in the same house with the same morals.”

Levi and Nate Griffith have always had a companion so it was inevitable for the two to grow a little headstrong over time

“It’s fun watching them interact. They’re both big boys so they can both pick on each other because one is not going to back down from the other,” Rubke said.


Levi Griffith experienced 21 minutes of being an only child before his identical twin brother Nate joined him.

“He’s always been a little bit late,” Levi said. “I like to take my time and feel like I’ll show up when I need to,” Nate added.

The twins expressed how vital them growing up together has shaped who they are relative to giving them an identity and allowing them to get better as athletes.

“I actually think what makes us so competitive and makes us good athletes is that we had each other to compare to, because you can’t both just be the same, right,” Nate said.

Visually, they’re hard to tell a part, while their demeanor towards certain manners are distinguishable.

“I feel like when we’re competing against each other, I always try to do my best to win,” Levi said. “If I lose I get a little upset so I’m probably the more competitive one.”

“I’ll agree with that,” Nate said. “If I win or lose, I’ll be like ‘it’s just a game man.’”

Their composures measure on different scales: one instinctive, the other intended.

“He’s more of a perfectionist than I am. He likes to get things done, (and) done well,” Nate said. “That’s definitely not my first instinct.”

It’s a good balance. Levi brings structure to Nate’s life, while Nate illuminates his days with light-hearted spontaneousness.


Twins Levi and Nate Griffith joking around in the pool. Photo credit: Jorge Villa

“The main difference between us is… I’m better looking,” Nate said. “That’s not true,” Levi added.

Their bond started at birth and will go on forever. They have always been able to compete and depend on each other now they’re extending that brotherly love to those around them.

“I just broke my finger a few weeks ago and they are really caring for me, offering to carry my bags, get me ice if I need it and everything else,” Waters said. “They said they’d dedicate the season playing for me so that was pretty special.”

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Twins make a splash on men’s water polo team