Review: Fresh food and good prices make the Lady Bug a great dining choice

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Review: Fresh food and good prices make the Lady Bug a great dining choice

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Sitting in the small restaurant, the fish swish around in the tank that is placed next to the window.  An array of red lady bug decorations gives a satisfyingly homely feel.

What first greets you beside the friendly waitress is the aroma of freshly cooked Lady Bug fried chicken. A deep fried boneless chicken thigh marinated in special sauce, what that sauce is one will never know but after one bite one won’t care to ask again.

Savoring each bite until the next return doesn’t have to be an option with
affordable prices starting at just $4.75 for a filling bowl of white rice and fried chicken.

Not only does the Bug serve fried and teriyaki chicken but it also serves sushi along with fresh fish.

The Bug is cannot just be classified as just a take out restaurant as it has healthier offerings for those that are closely watching their nutrition intake. The Bug serves traditional grilled chicken salad or an unagi cucumber salad. Fresh eel and pieces of cucumber over freshly green pieces of lettuce.

The most popular dish among the Bug’s clientele is the Lady Bug Fried Chicken Bowl.

Arakaki, the owner of the restaurant, began his business after a couple years of working in various restaurants and finally getting a management position in Azuma Izakaya Restuarant, giving him the confidence to open his own business.

“I take pride in this restaurant and pride in being able to run a business in these hard economic times. It’s great to know that you have a business that is reliable when it comes to catering important events such as a festive birthday or even funeral,” Arakaki said.

Arakaki explains that the main goal of his restaurant is to feel like “This is the local place that people go to, to enjoy a meal” close to home. A place were people love to go and employees love to work and serve their customers.

“We are a small eating establishment but we have the capacity to do a lot of things such as catering and accommodating people’s needs through food. We are able to build a team of people that enjoy working together, like a family,” Arakaki said.

The Bug is very unique on account of its one of a kind name. Arakaki battled with naming his restaurant, believing that people would find it hard to make a connection with great tasting food and insects.

“There’s a golf course in Hawaii called Ko Olina that had a lady bug logo,” Arakaki said. “I love to golf and I thought that a lady bug would be a cute logo for the eating establishment.”

Lady Bug has been in business since 2006 and has been serving many locals in the South-Bay and hopes to continue satisfying many that are hungry and looking for the best quality of food at affordable prices.

Just off of Redondo Beach Boulevard the Bug is ready to offer delectable dishes with great service leaving the customer full and satisfied.