students find time to volunteer during holiday season

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students find time to volunteer during holiday season

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The malls are packed, the lines out the door.

With the holiday season approaching and people planning their big purchases after Thanksgiving, it’s hard to remember at times that there are less fortunate people who are in need of the basics to survive.

While times may be financially difficult for many people, there are always those who have less than others and by donating time and or money,

Many students volunteer by donating their time at local food banks by packaging lunches or serving a warm plate of food for someone who can’t afford it.

Other people help by donating clothing or food to local drives as well.

“Every now-and-then, local schools or churches have drives around this time of the year where I along with my family, can donate new or used clothes or toys to those who probably need it more than I do,” Adrian Ruiz, 19, communications major, said.

Of the many students who donate items there are others who volunteer and feel that by giving their time to help others they receive a sense of fulfillment knowing that they have brought a little light to brighten a person’s day.

Christy Villasor, 19, nursing major recently began volunteering at Providence of Little Company of Mary, helping to discharge patients and deliver flowers that have been sent to patients.

“I just started to volunteer and I enjoy it. I see that the patients are happy and appreciative of the volunteers and what they do for them,” Villasor said. “I strongly encourage that others volunteer.”

Other students on campus are in clubs that take time each year to help others in need.

Iva Mrkonje, 19, English major said, “Every year in the Honors Transfer Club participates in preparing sack lunches for the homeless.”

Not only do students receive the satisfaction of helping others, but also the people being helped share this mutual feeling of camaraderie.

Circle K club president Stephanie Munson, 18, communications major, discusses the passion that she and her club members have for volunteering.

“We’re proud of what we do,” said Munson. “This holiday season we have projects lined up to work at soup kitchens and to create care packages.”

Although the holiday season puts people in the spirit to give and help others many students and faculty believe that aiding the less fortunate is something that should be done year round.

“It’s not just a seasonal thing [volunteering]. There’s always somebody that needs your help,” said Munson.

“With the time of the season there is more of a magnification and awareness to help those in need,” Daniel Berney, dance instructor and faculty adviser for Circle K Club said. “It’s an international concept that goes beyond your school, local community, or hometown town.”