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Rising Star: Finding art's passion through generations of family talents

By Lydia Kim

November 18, 2004

Vibrant colors-royal blue, tangerine orange and cherry red illuminate a painting of a Japanese landscape in the 18th century. Tony Waybright, art major, has always been surrounded and influenced by art, being the 4th generation...

Rising Star: Jenifer Washington

By Katrina Romero

November 4, 2004

Jenifer Washington knows what it's like to be under pressure. The 20-year-old respiratory care major, who has sung her way to auditions for shows like "Showtime at the Apollo" and "American Idol," has come across many mishaps...

Rising Star: Joanne Mallillin

By Laura Villalpando

October 14, 2004

She stands still on stage in her starting position and waits for her sound cue. The darkness in the auditorium surrounds her and she cannot see the audience, but she knows they're there waiting, watching. Finally, once the stage...

Rising Star: Julio Delgado

By Noraly Hernandez

October 7, 2004

Standing behind a thick, red curtain, beads of sweat form around his forehead and his hands tremble slightly. However, the enormous smile on his face reveals his excitement despite his apprehension. Although he has been performing...

Rising Star: Alexander Ryan

By Marna Beilby

September 30, 2004

Ever since hip hop culture was brought to mainstream in the early 1980s, it has become very influential in young America from the clothes they wear to the music they listen to. The fact that these artists do not sing, may...

Rising Star: Silverio Rojas

By Noraly Hernandez

September 23, 2004

When the teacher offered his fifth grade class the chance to learn how to play a musical instrument, Silverio Rojas, 30, music major, wanted to play the trumpet. After class was let out and Rojas went to pick up his instrument,...

Rising Star: Daniel Lee

By Lydia Kim

September 16, 2004

Discouraging words and embarassment can keep people from pursuing their dreams and passions. Daniel Lee, 23, however, has learned to overcome this pesimism and in turn also found that his singing was never as bad as his parents...

Rising Star: Joni Efflandt

By Cynthia Curtis

May 27, 2004

Her mom put her in drama to help her become a more sociable person when she was young. Now, Joni Efflandt, 31, stars in the upcoming play "Antigone." "I was really shy when I was growing up as a kid. So my mom put me...

Rising Star: Donna Angers

By Eva Allen

May 13, 2004

It can never be too late to pursue dreams and passion. That's what 65-year-old Donna Angers discovered when she began taking art classes at EC fewer than five years ago. "I grew up in the small college town of New...

Rising Star

By Martha Ramirez

May 6, 2004

Music is his passion; that's why 22-year-old Aaron Jones, computer information science major, taught himself to play the guitar. Jones grew up in Fresno, but moved to Torrance, where he has developed himself as an artist. Jones...

Rising Star

By Katrina Romero

April 29, 2004

He juggles, but he's not a clown, he's a musician. Besides being in the Applied Music Program, 23-year-old tuba player Abel Rios, performs in the jazz band, the brass ensemble, the wind ensemble, the orchestra, the Saturday...

Rising Star: Chris Murphy

By Jocelyn Saddi

April 22, 2004

Originally from Alabama, 25 -year-old Chris Murphy, theater major, chose to attend EC to pursue acting three years ago when his wife, who works for the Air Force, was sent to L.A. Murphy was drawn to acting when he first...

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