Procrastination: Part of student life

Procrastination is like the fly in the room that always distracts one from getting their work done.

You try to concentrate on the task at hand but the fly keeps you occupied.

You follow its movement until your whole attention has diverted to it, forgetting about the workload of assignments that need to be completed.

Most students are guilty of procrastination, even me.

It is almost natural to delay things like schoolwork to focus on other greater tasks like updating Facebook and Twitter or to catch up on the latest episode of “Scandal”.

Once your energy is focused on the greater tasks one is drained and cannot bare to start on schoolwork. So you put the assignment off until the next opportunity.

There are plenty of students who face this dilemma like Nestor Garcia, 19, administrative justice major, who has to juggle work and other activities before focusing on schoolwork.

“There’s something good on TV then I suddenly fall asleep,” Garcia said.

It is not just out of pure laziness that schoolwork has to be deferred, some of us students have jobs and families to take care of.

Procrastination is tough to conquer.

Making it a habit to procrastinate can make it harder on students to meet deadlines and can have one scrambling to finish an assignment that was probably assigned weeks prior to the due date.

For some students like Olivia Brown, 22, Kinesiology major, she does not allow procrastination to interfere with her completing assignments.

“I think I work better under pressure so sometimes I’ll find myself purposely waiting to the last minute because I know my work is due,” Brown said.

Besides the fact that, “you just forget about it [school work] “, Rafael Chaidez, 19, electrical engineering major, said, there has to be ways to cure procrastination to make life easier.

“Perhaps taking a human development class to learn time management skills could be a solution to procrastination,” Vera Cheng, EC counselor, said.

Nevertheless most students are not fond of taking extra classes, which will probably worsen their habits of procrastination by adding more work.

“You can put your deadlines in your smartphones as a reminder,” Cheng said.

Student’s procrastination will always be a major part of being a student. There will always be a good excuse to delay schoolwork. Whether it be surfing the Internet or taking care of families the habit of procrastination will continue unless one finds a better excuse to not postpone assignment.

“Students do not get enough of a head start. It is up to the student to better time management,”Cheng said.