“The World Is Round” documentary to screen at EC as part of Discovery World Travel Adventure Series

Culture documentary filmmaker Steven McCurdy is back at El Camino College. This time he is showing a film titled “The World Is Round.”

The viewing of this documentary will be on Monday, March 19 with showings at both 3 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

McCurdy’s documentary is a part of EC’s Discovery World Travel Adventure Series. The last time McCurdy came to EC he showed a film highlighting Italian art, culture, and architecture.

Long time audience members like Jenna Oslwold explained how excited they were to see his work again.

“I have been coming here for a very long time now,” Oslwold said. “The way he narrates his stories makes it very interesting to watch.”

The World is Round is said to give the audience a special look behind all the places McCurdy has traveled.

McCurdy has traveled to over 27 different countries giving him a different perspective on different cultures.

“You could tell he likes doing what he does,” Loreita Gamino, 30, art major, said. “If you look at his previous work you would see that he’s no joke and it’s inspiring.”

The film will focus on fourteen cities including London, Paris, Madrid and more. Through this, the audience gets a chance to experience different cultures through McCurdy’s perspective.

“It’s inspiring for me anyway,” Jason Rivelas, 18, film major, said. “I’ll be getting a chance to see how a film is made through the director’s eyes and I get to see the locations in which they took place.”

The film is set to give the audience an insider’s look on the countries that have inspired McCurdy over the years.

For more information visit the Center for the Arts website.