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Pianist gives, ‘classic sound’ to her performance at Marsee Auditorium

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As professional pianist Ko-Eun Yi steps on to the stage in a long black gown with sparkling jewels embellished on her waist, she waits for the polite, introductory applause to cease.

She bows and finds her way to the piano bench and makes herself comfortable before beginning to clink out individual keys that swiftly make themselves into a fluid arrangement.

Yi performed at the Marsee Auditorium on Friday, Oct. 13 to a crowd of students, faculty, and community members alike.

According to Zzyzx Burke, 19, classical music is not his “go-to” choice of genre but he still found Yi’s performance enjoyable.

“I enjoyed (the performance) because it has that timeless classic kind of sound to it,” Burke said. “You can play it anytime and you can recognize ‘Hey that’s a good song.'”

Music major and pianist Adriann Smith went to the performance to encourage a fellow artist.

“I am a pianist myself so I do come to support other pianist and musicians’ period,” Smith said.

Smith found Yi’s technique pleasant and engaging to the audience.

“I loved the passion she played with so when it was loud, it was appropriate. I think she executed the feeling of her piece really well to the audience,” Smith said.

Marsee Auditorium usher Raven McBeth, 26, X-ray technician major, felt that the audience attendance was exceptional.

“I think (the turnout) was phenomenal given that they had other activities going on tonight like the football game, and everything else,” McBeth said.

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Pianist gives, ‘classic sound’ to her performance at Marsee Auditorium