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Opening week: ‘Hairspray’

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A musical about a plus-sized teen who tries to integrate a 1960s hit show was held at the El Camino Campus Theatre on Sunday, May 7 at 8 p.m.

“Hairspray” is based around Tracy Turnbland, a young “above-average” teen who tries to integrate the hit show, “The Corny Collins Show,” but others wanted to keep the show segregated.

The musical began with Tracy singing “Good Morning Baltimore,” rushing to school and eagerly rushing home to watch the Corny Collins Show to see her crush Link Larkin.

Isabel Green, a South Bay resident said the musical has a “diverse cast.”

“The whole show is great,” Green said. ” (The cast) made the show an excellent blend of characters.

The musical continues with Tracy standing up to her foe, Amber Von Tussle, a spoiled rich girl who always wants to be No.1.

During their physical education class. their gym teacher initiates a game of dodgeball between Tracy and Amber.

The game ends with Amber hitting Tracy on her head with a dodgeball, then Tracy passes out, but her crush Link Larkin comes in and saves her.

The first-time audience member from Torrance, Tracy Smith said Link and Tracy’s love story is “lovely.”

“I love their relationship,” Smith said. “Tracy is so infatuated with Link and he doesn’t know how to tame her, but eventually he learns how.”

Tracy and Link along with Tracy’s best friend, Penny Pingleton are invited to hang out with Seaweed at his mother’s music shop.

Seaweed’s mother Motormouth Maybelle a music producer is welcoming of Tracy, Penny, and Link.

At the music shop, Tracy decides to have a protest against the Corny Collins show during the Miss Teenage Hairspray pageant show and everyone rallies with her except for Link.

The gang ends up rallying for integration of the show and Amber with her crew tries to counter the protest, but both groups get arrested.

With Amber’s mother, Velma Von Tussle ties, they get released from prison and Wilbur, Amber’s father releases the rest of the ladies who are imprisoned while Tracy remains behind bars.

Link breaks Tracy out of jail and meanwhile, Penny tied up by her Christian crazed mother is saved by her “black white knight,” Seaweed, then the duos break out in the musical number, “Without Love.”

In the end, Tracy crashes Miss Teenage Hairspray and ends up stealing the crown from Amber Von Tussle.

The cast breaks out in the last musical number of the night, “You Can’t Stop the Beat,” having the audience members interact with the cast by inviting them to dance.

EC student Crystal Vasquez, 24, undeclared major, came to the performance for a music class requirement and talks about how she enjoyed the show.

“Everything was cute and it was more than I expected,” Vasquez said.

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Opening week: ‘Hairspray’