New Myriad staff looking for new submissions

Update: Changes to the story were made at 11:34 a.m.

“The sounds of guns shooting

Bombs exploding in the musky air

Voices of the dying and injured

Dry dirt flows through the dead air

Bodies lay unidentified throughout the plains”

This is just one part of an entry from last year’s Myriad.

From stories to poems, students have gathered from around the El Camino campus in order to collect the literary entries from students for many years.

Students can now be part of a published literary journal by submitting their work to the Myriad, the deadline to submit to the 2017 edition is April 7.

The Myriad journal only comes out once a year in the spring, where students can submit up to three pieces of artwork, three poems, one short story 500 words or less and one screenplay less than ten pages.

This year’s number of editors on the Myriad consists of eight students. The advisor Pete Marcoux is in charge of the publication but can’t contribute to it since it’s a student-run magazine.

Jessica Zachory, 25, English major, says that being part of the editorial staff gives her the preparation she needs to one day work for a professional newspaper or magazine.

“We (the editors) go through all of the stories that are submitted,” Zachory said. “We make sure there are no typos or errors before they get published.”

In order for a students work to be published, it must be approved by all of the editors, she said.

Miguel Castellanos, 23, English major, said that normally students who take this class have a general interest in writing or editing.

He said his inspiration came from former English professors who he has taken in the past. In the future he wants to teach and leave a positive mark in students lives.

“Meeting those kind of people in your youth years is really inspiring,” Castellanos said.

Marcoux says the students definitely improve their English skills by being part of the staff.

“Reading and writing other students works helps them (editors) so they won’t make the same mistakes as what they are proofreading,” Marcoux said. ” I tell the students that having their name published represents El Camino during that time. It’s like being part of history.

Click here to read the 2016 version of the Myriad or to submit to the 2017 edition.