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EC Society of Music Club encourages people with musical interests to join

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During times where musical artists want to be well known and heard, the El Camino Society of Music gives them a chance to do so.

Shira Basa, president of EC Society of Music, 20, music major said the club gives students more performance opportunities.

Basa said she first joined this club during the fall 2016 semester and was assigned as the vice president. She said that there are almost no restrictions when it comes to the kind of music allowed in the club.

“There has never been any issues with the use of profanity,” Basa said. “We always encourage the music to be respectful.”

Basa also said that students who are interested in music should check out the club because it “gives them a reason to be involved with the club.”

Vice President Cesar Ballardo, 23, vocal performance major said he primarily joined the club because he felt that it was not getting enough recognition.

“I noticed it wasn’t getting enough attention,” Ballardo said. “Being part of it and being able to participate helps get the club more exposure.”

Ballardo also said that its member are passionate about music and that they want to encourage more diverse styles as well as being able to bond with one another through music.

Secretary of the club Lorna Katz, 56, music voice major said she shares a high passion for music and wants to use her passion to inspire other people.

“I am passionate in vocal music and I am part of an organization which educates women in acapella music and teaches important vocal skills which helps a lot,” Katz said.

Other members of the club shared similar experiences and feel the need to get more students involved in music like Berkley Kielhack, 21, music major, treasurer of the Music Club.

“It is a great opportunity to join this club and get involved,” Kielback said. “I am very passionate in Opera and classical music.”

Kielhack also said that joining this club allowed him to find others who has a similar interest as him.

“I joined because our goal is to really reach out to people. It allows them to have opportunities to perform and share their love for music,” Kielhack said.

The EC Society of Music meets every Tuesday from 1 to 2 p.m. in the Music Building Room 125.

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EC Society of Music Club encourages people with musical interests to join