El Camino Art Gallery Debuts ‘Vanishing Boundaries’


George Page’s “Andorra’s Reign” showcases in the El Camino Art Gallery for the “Vanishing Boundaries” exhibit on Monday, Oct. 10. Photo credit: Serina Torres

With an abundance of 3D sculptures and vibrant earth tones, El Camino’s Art Gallery holds three rooms with work from artists who infuse microscopic seed patterns, break the barrier and intertwine two-dimensional and three-dimensional imagery.

“Vanishing Boundaries,” the latest exhibit from George and Ann Page, premiered on Oct. 10. The current exhibition will be displayed at the gallery from Oct. 10-Nov. 3. The Art Gallery held a reception on Thursday, Oct. 13 at 7 p.m. with drinks and refreshments for staff, students and guests.

Andorra's Reign
Close-up of "Andorra's Reign" by George Page at Art Gallery on Monday, Oct, 10. Photo credit: Satomi Nagashima

Entering the gallery, “Andorra’s Reign,” George Page’s piece, which is created from Forton MG casting material and oil on veneer, immediately catches the eye of spectators viewing the bold artwork.

The gallery’s largest room holds a variety of layered art, veneer oil paintings and three-dimensional sculptures.

Lady Covarrubias, 24, anthropology major, attended the gallery for an assignment.

“I am mesmerized by the use of 3D printing,” Covarrubias said.

Covarrubias said her favorite piece was George Page’s “Tears of Heaven.”

Art Gallery, Vanishing Boundaries
"I like the art work because it looks a village," Yarithza Ortiz, 22, sign language, said. "It represents life, growth and unity, it's just peaceful." Photo credit: Shontel Leake

Ann Page is a professor at Roski School of Art and Design at USC. From her 2D work, Ann evolved into 3D works inspired by seed forms and geometry.

Ann shares her inspiration for her current artworks, “wanting to work with layers and looking through a microscope at natural seed forms,” Page said.

Page’s work is inspired mostly by the geometrical shapes of natural seed forms.

Irene Mori, professor of jewelry and metalsmith at El Camino College, attended the reception and found the work to her liking.

Bouquet (aka Growth)
Anne Page's "Bouquet (aka Growth)" showcases in the El Camino Art Gallery for the "Vanishing Boundaries" exhibit on Monday, Oct. 10. Photo credit: Serina Torres

“The 3D sculptures are fabulous,” Mori said.

Susanna Meiers, the director of El Camino’s Art Gallery, encouraged the duo to debut their art at El Camino, Page said.

The Art Gallery is open Monday and Tuesday from 8-2 p.m. and Wednesday and Thursday from 1-7:30 p.m. November 3 is the last day to view “Vanishing Boundaries.”

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