Meet the Myriad Editors: Kayla Stark


Photo credit: Selvin Rodas

The fresh spring semester has introduced the creative journal, Myriad, a new group of nine editors to the award-winning publication.

With the release date coming up for the creative magazine, The Union got to sit down with the editors for individual Q&As to give readers a glimpse into their minds and work.

Our next featured editor for Myriad is 21-year-old English major Kayla Stark.

Q: What is your favorite book to read?

A: My favorite book to read would be any book from the “Night World” series by L.J. Smith, because I’m really interested in supernatural mythology and fantasy.

Q: Why did you choose to be part of the creative writing instead of academic writing?

A: I feel like I have more freedom to just do what I want and play with words. It’s just interested me a lot more than the academic writing.

Q: What do you do in the Myriad publication?

A: We focus on trying to get the Myriad’s name out there to get submissions in and when we get submissions in we go through them. When we are done voting, we see what gets in (the final journal).