Meet the Myriad Editors: Colin Hyde


A new spring semester means another edition of El Camino’s creative arts journal, The Myriad, is in production. With a new edition comes a new team of nine editors, all of whom are looking to bring home another award to the publication in their time as editors.

The Myriad editors took the time to sit down with “The Union” for individual Q&As to give readers a grasp of what’s inside their minds.

The next featured editor for The Union’s profile series is 27-year-old English major Colin Hyde.

Q: Do you write any short stories/poems or create any art or take photos of your own?

A: My poetry and short stories are different than my books. With short stories, I try to make them void of character specification and strip it of dialogue with the bare minimum.

Q: What is your favorite book to read and why?

A: My favorite book of all time, it kind of sounds cliche, but “Catcher in the Rye”. He sees the world – he’s an observer. I think that’s what we seek; to see the world.

Q: What is your greatest struggle right now?

A: I guess it’s just to keep the motivation to (continue) writing. I’m in the middle of writing a six-book series.