Meeting the Myriad editors: Stephanie Guerre


Stephanie Guerro, 21, graphic design major, stands in front of her photo displayed in the Arts Building on Thursday, March 10. Photo credit: Lauren Liddle

There are nine new editors of El Camino’s creative arts journal, who are looking to bring home another award to the publication in their time as editors.

The Myriad editors took the time to sit down with “The Union” individual Q&As to give readers a grasp of what’s inside their minds.

Our first featured editor is 21-year-old graphic design major Stephanie Guerre.

Q: What made you choose your major?

Answer: I thought initially I wanted (to do) illustration. I decided to do graphic design and one of my hobbies is to watch commercials and see billboards. What makes a good billboard or commercial.

Q: What is your biggest struggle right now?

A: I just turned in my portfolio to Cal State Long Beach. Right now, I’m just waiting for their response in April.

Q: When was there a moment when you didn’t have graphic design in your life?

A: I moved here from Mexico when I was 14 years old. I didn’t know English or understand and I knew no one. I would take it very seriously and practice (speaking English) in the mirror.

Q: What was a special moment for you?

A: A really special moment to me is the last time I saw my grandma. The last time I saw her, I didn’t think it was the last time I (was going to see) her. It was a simple goodbye and I have a nice image of her smile and not some corpse.

EDITOR’S NOTE MAY 11, 2016: Guerre’s name corrected from Guerro.