Review: ‘Into the Unknown: The Lewis And Clark Expedition’

Into The Unknown is a historical educational movie about the Lewis and Clark expedition of 1804. It’s very informative and details the journey of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark as they explore the land that was bought by Thomas Jefferson from the French.

In terms of the production value, it felt like watching one of the educational videos that elementary school kids would watch on a VHS, looking just as old as one of them

What was enjoyable about the film is how detailed it was in depicting the expedition itself, such as what kind of food Lewis and Clark ate during the trip, how they met Sacagawea, how the expedition originally started with three people rather than two, how long the expedition lasted, etc.

The film itself is mainly the narrator talking about the expedition with shots of the environment showing their journey. This style can be boring for those who prefer seeing re-enactments of the events rather than all narration.

The first half of the film was really slow in pace, since there are a lot of background details about the Louisiana Purchase and how the expedition started, which was more than necessary, but by the second half of the movie, the pace became a little faster.

The film itself ran for a little over an hour, and in that time, the second half of the film was stronger than the first, as it provided more interesting details about the expedition.

Overall, “Into The Unknown” may be too short and the first half too boring, but the second half of the film saved it from being a total borefest, and is recommended for those who want to learn about the historic journey.