EC student wins Rob Dyrdek's cash prize contest


Graphic design major, Tyler Gonzalez, 21, the lead graphics designer for the Three Zerohs Collective, has been part of the collective since Feb. 2013 and has designed the collective’s logo. Photo credit: John Fordiani

Wielding diligence in one hand and creativity in the other, Tyler Gonzalez may have created the logo for the next big thing.

Gonzalez, 21, graphic design major, produced the logo for the Three Zerohs Collective (TZCo). A collection of musicians, photographers, videographers, designers, and journalists, TZCo represents people being who they want to be and achieving goals of which they’re passionate about.

“Zeroh is about your passion. Zeroh is your wildest dreams and reaching for them, but it’s not about looking into the future. It’s about creating and cultivating your talent now,” Gonzalez said.

TZCo won IVI Vision and Rob Dyrdek’s promotion Get Busy Living in Aug. 2013. Gonzalez and his crew was one of more than 3,000 contestants worldwide competing for $10,000, a lifetime supply of IVI Vision sunglasses, and invaluable business advice from Dyrdek and his associates.

“Meeting Rob and listening to what he had to say put our ideas and goals into perspective of our day to day life,” Jesse Hernandez, 23, audio technician for TZCo and a former EC student who worked with Aaron Carter in his 2013 tour said. “You have to work for your goals. It’s common sense. You already know it but hearing it from Rob, someone who actually achieves them, made it real.”

One of TZCo’s main objectives as a brand is to take Gonzalez’s design and make it the recognizable face for the network.

“We want to market the design so that people can recognize TZCo just by looking at the graphic,” Gonzalez said.

Through the design, TZCo fashion and lifestyle has appealed to a wide demographic ranging from teenagers to adults.

“We have young kids rock our stuff, and we have parents who love what we’re doing. We attract what we’ve put out. The emotions bring a lot of people together,” Hernandez said.

Gonzalez credits this success with his design much to his teachers at EC, especially Professors Annette Owens and Andrea Micallef.

“Owens is a big influence in helping me with illustrator. She will help you until you get it. For the final character project for class I had some trouble visualizing the eyes, forming them, and I had trouble making it look 3D, but she helped me see how to do it,” Gonzalez said.

After finishing his coursework at EC, he plans on transferring to California State University, Los Angeles, which Micallef had recommended for their graphic design program to more refine his skills.

“I love graphic design. I want to pursue it and see how far it will take me,” Gonzalez said.

Hernandez and other TZCo members see him going far.

“Tyler’s a great kid. His work ethic is very good. He does everything well and on time. He is very punctual. Besides the business side, he’s very sweet and humble,” Hernandez said.

Luis Trajillo, 27, photographer for TZCo and another former EC student who has worked with Jennifer Lopez concurs.

“Tyler is very adamant about getting it done right. He asks a lot of questions, does his work, goes home, and continues to learn more. He is a very apt student for someone in this field. He can do anything,” Trajillo said.