Los Angeles native reaches No. 1 on iTunes

”Gangsta! Gangsta! Gangsta!” yells Schoolboy Q on the opening track of his highly anticipated debut album “Oxymoron.”

A good friend of Schoolboy Q, Kendrick Lamar, can put a lot of pressure with the success that Lamar had in the last year, but the label mates of Top Dawg Entertainment remain successful on the charts.

According to iTunes, “Oxymoron” had big numbers when the album was released on Feb. 25. Schoolboy Q tweeted that same day, “Number 1 in da country #OXYMORON !!!!!!!! Let’s keep it tHere!!!!!” The wide fan base that he holds is definitely due to the Los Angeles city where he comes from.

His style is like no other artist right now. Hardcore rhymes mixed with gritty sound, but also shows versatility where at times he can be smooth and gangster at the same time.

Schoolboy Q takes you on a ride through the rigorous, hardcore, and depressing streets of South Central Los Angeles. The opening track “Gangsta” definitely sets the tone for the album because it defines who Schoolboy Q is

Even though the album shows the darkness of the L.A. streets and his past, it sheds a little light on Schoolboy Q’s life as an artist.

The groovy track “Collard Greens” was the debut single for “Oxymoron.” Not only did it light up the dance floor scene in your local club, it also did very well holding the 28th spot in Complex Magazine top fifty songs in 2013.

A song that’s really important to letting fans in on who Schoolboy Q is a track titled “Hoover Street,” which is street in South Central L.A. that is known for infamous gang activity and being a tough area to grow up as a kid.

Another song, “Break The Bank,” he refers to his struggles and how he got to this point in his life to become a recording artist, “Got off my behind, write me some sweet lines, cause one day my story gon pay.”

The No. 1 album has an impressive line up of features including some legends in the hip-hop game such as Raekwon, Kurupt, Suga Free, Kendrick Lamar and more.

“Oxymoron” brings gangster rap back to the mainstream.