Record Store Day brings music lovers together

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Record Store Day brings music lovers together

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Waking up at 6 a.m. is not just something you do for black Friday, it is also something many music fiends wanting great deals on new releases and performances, do in support of Record Store Day.


According to the official Record Store Day website, this celebration began in 2007, as a way to commemorate, “spread the word about the unique culture surrounding over 700 independently owned record stores in the US and thousands of similar stores internationally.”


The website also disclosed that this day is celebrated on the third Saturday of April, when special vinyl, CD and other promotional products are released exclusively for the independently owned record stores.


Two well-known local record stores, Fingerprints located in Downtown Long Beach and Amoeba located in North Hollywood, participated in the event.


Michael Pradon, sales associate, said that Record Store Day has been celebrated by Fingerprints for six years and is glad that this event aids the record industry as well as independent record stores.


Fingerprints had many in store performances, in respect to Record Store Day, that included Best Coast, Jimmy Eat World, Laurence Juber and Mike Watt & the Secondmen.


“I don’t have specific numbers but all shows sold out pretty quickly,” Pradon said.


Paige Asachilca, 16, was waiting in line outside of Fingerprints to see Best Coast perform.


“I saw Fun here last year and I heard that Best Coast was supposed to perform so I had to come,” Asachilca said. “There were a lot of new releases that I was interested in looking at, Vampire Weekend, MGMT and I believe the Black Keys.”


Best Coast performed songs off their new album “The Only Place” and a few oldies from their 2010 album “Crazy for you”.


Best Coast also performed two new tracks off of their 7″ vinyl “Fear of my identity” and “Who Have I Become”.


Bethany Consentino, lead singer and guitarist of Best Coast, said that made record store day important for her.


“I think people need to remember that record stores exist and not just itunes,” Consentino said. “We did this partnership with Clarks and then part of the deal was that we had to do record store day show and they just happened to have it here which is really cool because I had never been here before, its cool to come here.”


Bobb Bruno, guitarist of Best Coast, said that helping independently run records stores is important in maintaining the record industry alive.


With an enthused crowd, singing along to every word Consentino belted out she adds,”It was awesome, it was really fun.”