Fifth movie survives from more than a deadly virus

Dressed in a tight black, leather bodysuit, she swings a long silver chain above her head and wraps it around one of the zombie’s neck, sending the sound of its bones crushing throughout the room.

With a mob of flesh-eating zombies chasing after her, she runs to the center of the annoyingly bright hallway and pulls the loaded gun out of her boot and shoots at everything coming her way.

The fifth and latest installment of the “Resident Evil” saga is no different than past films.

Milla Jovovich who plays the main protagonist, “Alice,” returns to do what she does best, rip the heads off of zombies and to save the human race from the Umbrella Corporation’s T-virus all while wearing a form fitting ensemble.

The beginning of the movies takes the viewer back to where the last movie, “Resident Evil: Afterlife” ended, atop of Arcadia with the remaining survivors of the zombie infection.

After what they believed to be the end of their struggle to find a safe haven, the beginning of “Resident Evil: Retribution,” kills that hope within the first three minutes of the movie as an army of the Umbrella Corporation attacks everybody in sight and captures Alice.

Soon after, Alice awakes to find that she must escape before the “Red Queen,” the highly advanced and self-aware Umbrella computer system, terminates her.

Unlike the past movies, where Alice is busy trying to save everyone, this film focuses on Alice’s escape.

During her escape, she undergoes a series of “tests” that resemble places around the world, taking her to Moscow, Japan, New York City and a little place that is called “Suburbia.”

In these experimental “tests” provided by the Umbrella Corporation, she tries to escape in order to keep with her same goal; to find the people responsible for spreading the T-virus and infecting millions.

With the help of a group of friends who are trying to save her (as Alice is the key to saving the world, obviously) they encounter many Umbrella- made zombies to keep them from escaping.

During the course of the movie, Alice finds herself battling once again with finding what is real and what is not as new characters and memories re-surface such as Rain Ocampo, played by Michelle Rodriguez.

For those who enjoy the “Resident Evil” sequels, they will not be disappointed as the movie is filled with plenty of hungry and frightening looking zombies, the highly infectious T-virus and plenty of enemies attempting to kill the superwoman of them all, Alice.