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Singer signs an international record deal

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It happened to her overnight. By day she was meeting with the Chief Executive Officer of a record music label and by night she was among his entourage on the stage of Whisky A Go Go singing the night away.

And now Sabrina Fuster, 19, music major, is on her way to stardom as she heads to the Netherlands.

“The universe and stars and everything aligned and boom, my life completely changed,” she said.

And that change came when Fuster found success in the form of an international record label. Recently signed to Blue Pie Records, based in Australia, she will soon learn to balance life on the road as a singer and songwriter.

“It has been a very positive experience for me,” Fuster said.

Collaborating with a platinum-selling European pop artist named Suzanna Lubrano, Fuster will move to the Netherlands in Jan. and tour with Lubrano for three consecutive months.

“I am going to learn what it’s like to be on tour and learning by actually doing it,” Fuster said.

She is currently singing back up, playing the piano as well as writing many songs together with Lubrano, she said.

“All this writing and collaborating with help international pop music leak into American pop and American pop will leak into Europe,” Fuster said. “We influence each other through our musical background and these influences will give us a better sense of what the entire world is listening to.”

Besides having this international influence, Fuster said The Beatles, Harry Chapin and Bob Dylan are just a few musicians who have had a significant impact on her music.

“I am a modern day Carole King,” Fuster said.

While Fuster performs a wide variety of styles including her own work, Dane Teter, music professor, said this provides her with versatility.

“In her musical performance, she brings in elements of originality and creativity,” he said. “ And this is an inspiration to many of the students around her.”

And playing the piano, singing back up and opening for Lubrano on tour are just a few ways she will be sculpted into an artist.

“(Lubrano) is like my big sister in music,” Fuster said. “And that is why I love being part of (the record label); I will be going through a developmental process.”

But Fuster is no stranger to the spotlight; growing up in the entertainment industry, her mother was an actress and her father a screenwriter and director, she started singing at many Beverly Hills restaurants at a very young age.

After losing her mother to cancer at 13 years old and hitting a few bumps in the road, Fuster said these experiences made her passion for music even greater.

“I learned that this business is really shady,” she said. “But you just have to keep people around you that you love and that love you.”

And her father has been her biggest supporter, Fuster said.

“He has put his life aside to help me become successful,” she said. “When I think I am not good enough, he is there to pick me up.”

While she spends most of her days in the studio, she is ready to pack her bags and start on this amazing journey, she said.

“I am so ready to go,” Fuster said. “I love to see new places and new things. And I am truly excited to learn from this experience.”

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Singer signs an international record deal