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Campus viewpoints: Gender neutral bathroom implemented on campus

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Charlotte Wilson

Charlotte Wilson, 19, studio art major: “I agree with the gender neutral (restrooms). I think that it should never have been an issue to begin with because it’s simply a facility that everybody needs. I have come across several restaurants that use (gender neutral restrooms) and there is never a problem with public facilities.”

Pearson Mann

Pearson Mann, 19, business administration major: “I just found out what (a gender neutral restroom is) and right from the (start) I don’t agree with it, specifically because there are two different genders and I think they deserve their own special privacy and if you mix them together I don’t think it might go well because they are used to going to their own (specific restrooms).”

Rubid Baltazar

Rubid Baltazar, 20, business major: “I think they are very great, I mean there are people here that are transgender and we don’t even know it and I think (the gender neutral restrooms) allow them to be equal. I don’t think there is anything bad about it (as long as) they don’t abuse it.”

Jasmine Torres

Jasmine Torres, 20, psychology major: “I agree with (the gender neutral restrooms). I don’t think it’s a big deal and I don’t want to make someone uncomfortable. It’s fine if someone wants to go to a restroom where they feel comfortable and welcome.”

Richard Anene

Richard Anene, 20, biochemistry major: “I feel that everyone should use (the restroom) they want to use. I think that if you identify yourself as a certain gender you should be able to do what people in the same gender do. I don’t think so much that people should tell you what you should do or should not do.”

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Campus viewpoints: Gender neutral bathroom implemented on campus