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Books or E-books?

By Madison Brady

February 25

Filed under Opinion

The Union went around asking students if they prefer books or e-books for their classes, here's what they said."E-book, I just think it would be better."-Tyrone Oragugzie, 24, film"Textbook. You can feel the actual pages, and i...

The age of the e-book has come

By Phil Sidavong

February 24

Filed under Opinion, Up for Debate

In college, unlike public high schools, students are most likely taking a different class with a different teacher who may have a different way of teaching compared to others.Buying a book that you use maybe twice a week is a was...

Old school is better than new school

By Jed Fernandez

February 24

Filed under Opinion, Up for Debate

There's nothing like reading a good old fashioned book. In an age where technology is everywhere, people cherish old relics of the past that are dying.As the world advances into the future, things are changing, from the way people pa...

Students don’t have to steal study music

By Jerriel Biggles

February 22

Filed under Columns, Opinion

With the 58th Annual Grammy's on last Monday, the topic of piracy rose once again. Not only is piracy illegal, it hurts the artists we love.If you like the artist enough, you'll likely buy the album or song, but most people listen...

Campus is out-of-the loop with dangerous announcements

February 11

Filed under Editorials

Correction, Feb. 11: It was not confirmed that Dash Porter was on campus. Every semester, there seems to be an on-campus issue that causes concern for students, staff and faculty.From James Lemus' alleged threats to "create a ...

Union POV: Be classy, not trashy

By Sydnie Mills

December 1

Filed under Columns, Opinion

OK ladies let's talk. For the first time, I was embarrassed to be a woman. This semester, I walked into the women's restroom to the sight of unflushed toilets, used tampons on the floor, pee on seats and trash everywhere.At fi...

Editors’ Points of View: Like/Dislike

December 1

Filed under Editorials, Opinion

We like the Associated Student Organization put up their contact info for leaders and senators of ASO after asked by “The Union” to provide emails on the school website. We like football coach John Featherstone after 31 years...

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