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Joining clubs promotes campus spirit and pride

By Viridiana Vaca-Rios, Online/Warrior Life Editor-in-Chief

March 1

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Let's get to the point. EC is a community college. The majority of students attending this campus are here to meet their requirements and transfer to their "real" school. In and out, that is most of students' plan. As...

Carbon footprint and greenhouse gases are causes for concern

By Karly Daquila, Staff Writer/Columnist

November 7

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While one side of the U.S. has taken a beating by Superstorm Sandy, I’m flooded with plastic and paper coffee cups in my car. Something is wrong here. A few years ago, my sister went to see Al Gore’s film “An Inconvenient...

Tuition hikes hurt community colleges

By Eva Ziss-Patton, Staff Writer

March 29

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Commentary In the last four years, schools and colleges in California have suffered more than $20 billion in cuts, according to the California Teachers Association, and with more proposed cuts, students are struggling to pay...

Reach out to local government officials

By Jorge Maldonado, Staff Writer

March 7

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Commentary It’s time for students to get involved with local governmental issues. Standing-up and speaking out is an American right. So why do many people fail to voice their issues to government representatives? After all, they ...

Empowered students take stand for education

By Eman Elshiyab, Online Editor-In-Chief

March 7

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Students gathered all over campus and joined together as they made their way through the hallways chanting “Don’t just watch us, join us,” in hopes of getting students to walk out of their classes. Waves of protests spread...

The Crisis in Education

By Sabina Ibarra

March 1

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Budget cuts nation-wide have thrown the state of education into crisis. Schools have been stripped of classes, instructors and student resources. There are skyrocketing tuition costs accompanied by an influx of students attempting...

Navigating the journey through community college

March 1

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Welcome back for another fine semester here at EC. This being my last and final semester, I thought I would focus on writing a column so the new and interested students could get a better understanding of the “community”. I...

NBA lockout is over

November 29

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Finally it took 149 days but the NBA is back and the lockout is over. On Saturday Nov 26, 2011 the Players association and the owners reached a decision that would in the lockout.  For the millions of fans across the world Saturday’s...

Protesting shouldn’t leave one homeless

By Shane Utton, Staff Writer

November 9

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Hundreds of tents align the lawns near City Hall, as hundreds of protesters fill the streets, trying to make a difference with the Occupy L.A. Movement. According to an L.A. Times article, the group of demonstrators which is...

Do career classes help?

By Anthony Pantoja, Dobruck, Jeremiah, and Anthony Pantoja

September 21

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Career-planning courses help students achieve confidence and better basic academic skills. Not only do the programs help students build confidence in their career choices and help them with their academic skills, they also...

Education as reparation

By Anthony Pantoja and Dobruck, Jeremiah

September 14

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Victims of Hurricane Katrina should be allowed to have their tuition paid for at any universities they want to attend. Hurricane Katrina has destroyed or damaged thousands of schools in Alabama, Missouri and Louisiana. More...

People need to handle the truth

By Anna Mavromati

May 26

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The public deserves to know the truth, no matter how ugly it may be. There has been a lot of controversy lately over what the media can show or what they have shown to the public on TV and in the papers. For...

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